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resize-shutterstock_89011135Recently, Keala, an employee and patient of Aloha Laser Vision, underwent presbyopia treatment with placement of the KAMRA Corneal Inlay implantable lens. The innovative vision correction procedure was performed by Dr. Alan Faulkner with the assistance of the WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser. In an in-depth interview, Keala describes the limitations of her vision, ease and comfort of the procedure, and why having the KAMRA lens implant was so beneficial. Dr. Faulkner is one of the first eye surgeons in Hawaii (and in the nation) to use this exciting new technology to help patients with presbyopia reduce, or even eliminate, their reliance upon glasses.

Keala had long suffered with challenged vision both up close and far away, relying on glasses for seeing more clearly at both distances. She was relieved to find out that there was now a procedure that could improve her vision, near and far. With Dr. Faulkner’s help, she excitedly decided that the KAMRA Corneal Inlay procedure would be right for her. Since placement of the implant, a process which she found to be surprisingly comfortable, Keala has noticed a significant improvement in her vision.

For more information about Keala’s experience and results we invite you to read the full content of the article in our News Room: Hawaii Ophthalmology Patient Reflects on Her KAMRA Corneal Inlay Surgery.

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