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TAMMY_AlohaLaserKAMRA_LogoTami is a local girl, born and raised upcountry on the fertile slopes of Haleakala on the island of Maui. She loves horseback riding, ocean sports, polo, gardening, and travelling the world. As a Certified Medical Micropigmentologist and owner of Angel Eyes Permanent Make-up and Tattoo, Tami’s work demands extreme precision with close-up vision to bring out the beauty in her clients. “I’ve always had great distance vision, but after I turned 50 or so, I noticed my near vision declining. In my travels, I’d find myself in a new rental car in a new city, not being able to read the map on my phone or text for help! At one point, I even considered changing professions so that I wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of treatment for my clients.”

Tami is one of the first tattoo artists in Maui to offer areola restoration for breast cancer survivors who have gone through reconstructive surgery. “I feel so blessed to be able to work with women who share so much hope and joy for living after enduring many obstacles.” Tami finally made the decision to fix her eyesight so that she could continue her passion for her work. “I noticed some of my clients my age were able to read without glasses, and they told me to go see Dr. Alan Faulkner at Aloha Laser Vision, who offered many different options to get rid of glasses.”

“Dr. Faulkner recommended the KAMRA Inlay, and I haven’t looked back ever since! The procedure was just a few minutes long, and I was back to work the next day! I see so much more clearly now, and no one even notices I have the inlay placed in my eye. I threw away my readers, and my night vision is 100% amazing! I am so grateful to Dr. Faulkner and the entire staff who restored my eyesight and my ability to live freely again. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to keep doing what I love, while helping others on the way.”

“In my work, I help women to smile and feel confident again. I encourage them to invest in themselves. I am so glad I invested in myself and went to Dr. Faulkner. I encourage others who are struggling with eyesight…Invest in your VISION!”

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