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ALAN FAULKNER: Not only is the IntraLase a more precise way to make a flap, it’s a safer way to make a flap. It also allows us to do patients who weren’t previously candidates for the LASIK surgery because their corneas were too thin.

CYNTHIA HENKE: I had actually gone to a few other places before I found out about Dr. Faulkner and when I came into meet with his staff here, I actually got to meet with Dr. Faulkner himself which is something that is not common at other places where they correct your vision through the laser. Also most places do the, I think it’s the microkeratome where they make the incision in your eye and they actually use a laser here to do that and they have the Allegretto which I believe is the fastest laser and that was also part of my reason for coming to Aloha Laser Vision.

NOTE: Since this video was filmed, new laser technology has been developed. Aloha Laser Vision has upgraded to the WaveLight® Refractive Suite, which performs refractive surgery with more customization and precision.

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