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GLORIA BARAQUIO: I can say goodbye to my contacts and say Aloha to Laser Vision. I’ve always been nervous about laser eye surgery but when my squinting sister, Rose, decided to give it a try we knew that the only place to go was to Aloha Laser Vision.

ROSE BARAQUIO: Recently I realized that I was squinting every night to watch the television, squinting at people waving at me down the hallways, squinting at everything and not really wearing my glasses as often as I should.
(Background) Dr. Faulkner: “Take ‘em off. Can you make that out? C an you make that one out?”

GLORIA BARAQUIO: And so did I. But things were even worse without my glasses.

(Background) “I’m guessing it’s an ‘E’ but it looks pretty blurry.”
Luckily we were in good hands with Dr. Alan Faulkner who walked us through the entire procedure.

(Background) Dr. Faulkner: “Here comes the laser, and it makes this in a circular pattern.”

(Background)Gloria: “That’s just right on my cornea?”

(Background) Dr. Faulkner: “That’s right on your cornea, and you won’t feel this at all.”

(Background)Gloria: “And how long does that take?”

(Background) Dr. Faulkner: “In your case it’s going to take about 8 to 10 seconds to reshape your eye”

(Background)Gloria: “Seconds? Wow”

GLORIA BARAQUIO: A Punahau grad and a son of a world renowned eye surgeon, Dr. Faulkner is considered to be one of the best eye care specialists in the state and he’s always on the cutting edge of technology, investing millions of dollars into his equipment.

DR. ALAN FAULKNER: In LASIK, we’re the only ones in Hawaii who use the IntraLase, which is a laser to cut the flap before the next laser reshapes the eye. Both of the lasers we use there are unique in Hawaii. I think that tells our patients that we have a commitment to get the best results for them and to get them the best vision.

GLORIA BARAQUIO: Rose and I could really sense that commitment from the entire staff. They made everything so easy and comfortable for us. The operating room was just as relaxed where they gave us a blanket and a teddy bear to hold.

ROSE BARAQUIO: It’s so funny because like they kept calling it surgery, surgery, surgery but when I did the actual surgery, it was like nothing to me. It was just a couple of lights in my eyes and a little bit of eye drops, some valium and then I woke up four hours later and I could see just like a, what do you call it, a rabbit.

GLORIA BARAQUIO: Rose, I know you know how completely freaked out I was to have someone work on my eyes but I think we both can attest to how easy and painless it was.

ROSE BARAQUIO: If that’s the only thing that’s holding you back from getting LASIK surgery is that you’re afraid, well get over it. Gloria and I did and we’re so happy because now the only glasses we’ll need are sunglasses.

BERNADETTE BARAQUIO: But Aloha Laser Vision is more than just laser surgery.

DR. ALAN FAULKNER: We offer all kinds of eye care, everything from cataract surgery to general eye exams.

BERNADETTE BARAQUIO: And most importantly they do it with Aloha.

DR. ALAN FAULKNER: The embodiment of Aloha is treating people extremely nicely and welcoming them into your office as if you’re welcoming them into your home.

BERNADETTER BARAQUIO: So if you’re looking for a path to better eyesight or for some tender loving eye care, make sure you visit Dr. Alan Faulkner and his ohana at Aloha Laser Vision, the people of vision.

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