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How much does the eyeball weigh?

This week on LIVING LOCAL® TV we asked… How much does the eyeball weigh? a. One ounce b. Half an ounce c. Two ounces d. One quarter of an ounce The answer is: approximately one ounce. You could send it in the mail for the price of a postage stamp,... Read More

Why Do We Have Two Eyes, But See One of Everything?

This week on LIVING LOCAL® TV we asked... Why do we have two eyes, but see one of everything? a. Both eyes see the same thing b. It’s better than seeing double images c. Two eyes are better than one d. The muscles that control our eyes automatically focus both eyes... Read More

Why Do We Blink Our Eyes?

This week on LIVING LOCAL® TV, we asked... Why do we blink our eyes? a. To supply moisture to our eyes b. To keep foreign matter from entering our eyes c. To keep our eyes from drying out d. All of the above Blinking our eyes automatically supplies two forms... Read More

ASCRS’ Official Response to Dr. Oz’s Portrayal of LASIK

Dr. Oz recently aired a segment featuring the safety and effectiveness of LASIK surgery. Below is the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery's official response. You can also go the society's website to see the full statement.

Our Fashionista Lasik Patient Featured on the Today Show

Crystal Pancipanci trusted her LASIK procedure to Aloha Laser Vision. Now watch her on the Today Show, showing viewers what’s hot in our island fashion. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy