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What is TempSure Envi?

TempSure Envi by Cynosure is an FDA-approved, non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to create firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin. The TempSure Envi treatment stimulates the production of healthy, new collagen fibers in the skin, which can reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. TempSure Envi can often be performed as part of a comprehensive skin rejuvenation plan when combined with DiamondGlow™ microdermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing treatments for additional skin improvements.

How Does TempSure Envi Work?

For women and men who want to rejuvenate the appearance of their skin, TempSure Envi provides an innovative, natural solution for achieving noticeable improvements in skin condition. The TempSure Envi handpiece applies radiofrequency energy to the surface of the skin, which heats the tissue below. The increase in temperature initiates the skin’s natural healing response, leading to the production of new collagen fibers over several months. These tight, new fibers can restore many youthful qualities to the skin—and can even treat cellulite—making TempSure Envi a very popular non-surgical, non-invasive option among our patients at Aloha Laser Aesthetics.

What Areas Can TempSure Envi Treat?

Popular areas that we commonly treat with TempSure Envi include:

In addition to addressing these areas of concern, TempSure Envi may also be used to improve the appearance of cellulite anywhere on the body.

How Long are TempSure Envi Treatments?

Each treatment session with TempSure Envi typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. The amount of time your session lasts will depend upon the area(s) being treated. Prior to the start of your session, you will be informed of how long treatment will likely take.

Does TempSure Envi Hurt?

The vast majority of patients who have received treatment with TempSure Envi describe the experience as comfortable. Many say the warming sensation feels much like a hot stone massage.

How Soon Do TempSure Envi Results Appear?

Patients generally report seeing some immediate improvements in their skin after treatment. Skin may have a noticeable “glow” or feel tighter than it did prior to treatment. The majority of the results, however, develop over time as the skin continues to produce new collagen. This collagen production can continue for many months, depending on your skin’s response and the degree of treatment performed. Multiple sessions may be recommended one month apart to help you achieve optimal results.

How Much Does TempSure Envi Cost?

Achieving an optimal outcome with TempSure Envi requires a treatment plan that is custom-tailored to your unique needs and goals. The treatment areas, number of sessions, condition of the skin, and other factors can cause the price to vary from patient to patient. To give you an idea of how much TempSure Envi can cost, we estimate that our patients pay between $200 and $500 per treatment. It is important to note that special pricing per session is available when you purchase treatment packages for multiple sessions. The best way to find out how much TempSure Envi will cost for you is to arrange a consultation where you will be provided with an accurate quote for treatment.

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