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The natural lens located at the surface of the eye is called the cornea. When the cornea is healthy, it is clear, focusing light as it passes through to the retina. The main functions of the cornea are to aid in visual acuity and protect the eye. Though not impervious to damage, the cornea acts a domed shield over the center of the eye, preventing abrasions, germs and other particulates from seriously harming it. If the cornea is distressed, damaged, or affected by disease, vision may become impaired, and seeking treatment from an experienced ophthalmologist is strongly advised.

macroThere are many conditions and diseases that can affect the corneas and our eye doctors at Aloha Laser Vision are experienced diagnosticians who can help identify the root cause of your discomfort or vision impairment. Once we have performed a thorough exam, we can determine a viable method for treating it. In addition to conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the eyes and eyelids, your ophthalmologist may utilize advanced corneal topography devices to examine corneal thickness and shape to detect disease or other abnormalities.

The following links will take you to more information on common corneal conditions and treatment options. If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with either Dr. Alan Faulkner or Dr. Neda Nikpoor, please contact Aloha Laser Vision today.

Dry Eyes

To remain healthy and comfortable, eyes must be well lubricated with tears. Inadequate tear production can cause the eyes to feel itchy, irritated, and uncomfortable. They may also become red and more vulnerable to disease and damage. Severe dry eye syndrome can even result in damage to the cornea. There are several methods of treatment for dry eyes, depending on the causes and symptoms.

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A pterygium is a pink, vascularized growth of tissue that can manifest from the inside corner of the eye along the eye’s surface. This skin-like growth can be very uncomfortable and affect vision if it extends onto the cornea. Some pterygium conditions can be treated non-surgically; however, surgical removal may be necessary if the condition becomes persistently problematic.

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