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At Aloha Laser Vision, we incorporate the latest breakthrough technologies in both laser vision correction and aesthetics. To provide our patients with the highest quality laser skin treatments, we now offer the FDA-approved PicoSure® laser from Cynosure®, a picosecond laser that can be used for a variety of aesthetic applications. This advanced laser technology allows for effective removal of multi-colored tattoos and, when combined with the patented Focus lens array, significant skin rejuvenation results with minimal downtime. Whether you desire faster, more complete removal of your unwanted tattoo or healthier, more youthful-looking skin, customized PicoSure® treatments at Aloha Laser Vision can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Benefits of Treatment with PicoSure®

The PicoSure® laser represents the gold standard in aesthetic laser technology, and we are proud to offer this state-of-the-art treatment to our patients. The ultra-short picosecond laser pulses of the PicoSure® laser, which are one hundred times shorter than a nanosecond, create an intensive photomechanical disruption of ink pigments and targeted tissue breakdown, making it an ideal system for both tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation (with the Focus lens) for all skin types. Treatment with PicoSure® can be customized to precisely suit each patient’s skin needs and cosmetic objectives, and unlike other high-powered aesthetic lasers, patients generally report less discomfort during treatment and recover within hours (instead of days) after their session.

The versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness of the PicoSure® laser offers many treatment benefits to patients. Depending on the wavelength, pressure settings, and lens being used, treatment with the PicoSure® laser can:

Who is a Candidate for Treatment with PicoSure®?

PicoSure® is FDA-approved to treat all skin types; however, not everyone is an ideal candidate for the procedure. A consultation at Aloha Laser Vision can reveal if PicoSure® is the right choice for achieving your anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, or tattoo removal goals. In some cases a different treatment, such as SilkPeel® skin rejuvenation, may be better suited for your unique needs.

The PicoSure® Procedure

Prior to treatment with the PicoSure® laser, a topical numbing agent is applied to desensitize the skin and diminish potential discomfort. You will likely feel the laser during treatment, but the degree of sensation will depend on the intensity of treatment and your individual threshold for discomfort. Compared to other laser systems, the PicoSure® laser is considered to be well-tolerated, and many of our patients report that any uncomfortable sensations were minimal and “worth it” in light of the results they were able to achieve with treatment.

The aesthetic goals of your treatment will determine the number of sessions you will require with the PicoSure® laser. During your consultation, you will find out approximately how many sessions it will likely take to achieve the results you desire.

PicoSure® Results

The PicoSure® laser will initially produce some redness, which typically dissipates within a matter of hours. Since PicoSure® stimulates the body’s natural healing response within the skin, some results will take time to become fully visible; however, significant results should start becoming apparent within the first week after treatment. The effects are different for each individual, and your treatment professional should be able to guide your expectations as you heal and inform you whether more sessions will be necessary to achieve optimal results. Our patients are generally thrilled with the smooth, clear, youthful-looking skin they achieve with PicoSure®, and they often recommend the treatment to friends and family interested in tattoo removal and/or skin rejuvenation.

If you have questions about PicoSure® or our other aesthetic lasers, we encourage you to contact our practice to connect with a knowledgeable member of our staff and schedule a consultation.


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