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At Aloha Laser Vision we now offer non-invasive, FDA-approved SculpSure fat reduction treatments. This innovative body sculpting technique uses light-based energy to destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. There is typically no downtime with SculpSure, and the slimming results our patients achieve are remarkable. If you have stubborn areas of excess fat anywhere along the midsection, hips, or even beneath your chin, treatment with the SculpSure system may be able to help you achieve the smoother, leaner look you desire.

Benefits of SculpSure

The revolutionary SculpSure system offers our patients an efficient way to reduce areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Compared to surgical procedures, gentle SculpSure provides numerous benefits:

On average, patients experience an approximate 24% reduction in fat in the treated areas. The most common areas treated with SculpSure can include:

Your SculpSure treatment plan can be completely customized to suit your unique needs and cosmetic goals. Sessions can treat multiple areas or be repeated at scheduled intervals to achieve maximum fat reduction. If you are interested in learning more about how SculpSure can get rid of your unwanted fat, we invite you to schedule a SculpSure consultation at our practice.

SculpSure for Chin Contouring

Non-invasive chin contouring can now be achieved with the SculpSure fat reduction system. Cynosure® has developed a specialized apparatus designed specifically for targeted treatment of excess fat beneath the chin. Double chin reduction with SculpSure uses the same patented fat-destroying technology employed on other areas of the body, combined with a customizable harness that holds the applicator against the skin under the chin. Treatment sessions typically last only 25 minutes and are generally well-tolerated by our patients. Most individuals report alternating deep heating and cooling sensations throughout the sessions that rarely, if ever, lead to feelings of discomfort. Once the session is complete, patients are often free to return to their normal activities, as there is usually no recovery period or downtime associated with this procedure.

Results are not immediately apparent, as fat is eliminated from the area over a period of about three to four months. Some patients may require multiple treatment sessions to achieve the desired outcome. Once the final results emerge, patients are typically thrilled with the leaner, smoother contours they have achieved. If you are interested in treating stubborn fat deposits beneath your chin with non-surgical SculpSure, please contact Aloha Laser Vision to schedule a consultation.

How Does SculpSure Work?

SculpSure uses flat paddles to apply light energy directly to the skin’s surface. The energy travels through the skin and heats fat cells to a specific temperature that damages and destroys them. The affected fat cells are then broken down and metabolized, which slims the treated area. The skin and surrounding tissues are undamaged in this process and there is no healing or recovery period to worry about. While initial results of SculpSure treatment become visible within approximately six weeks, final results can typically be expected by about 12 weeks after your session.

What to Expect During SculpSure Treatment

The overwhelming majority of patients describe their SculpSure treatment as both quick and relatively free of any discomfort. The sensations of the alternate heating and cooling cycles experienced during treatment are easily tolerated and do not require anesthetic of any kind. To begin the session, the four SculpSure paddles are configured over the treatment area(s) and snapped into place. Once the paddles are against the skin, treatment cycles begin, during which the applications become warm and then cold, keeping the skin at the right temperature for both effective treatment and comfort. After 25 minutes, the session is complete and you are free to resume your normal activities.

SculpSure Results

After your session, the body immediately begins the process of removing the damaged fat cells. Over time, as the excess fat is broken down and eliminated from the body, the treated area should take on a leaner appearance. Three to four months after treatment, the final results of your SculpSure session should be apparent. To achieve optimal fat loss in all of your problem areas, multiple treatment sessions can be scheduled.

If you are interested in learning more about fat loss with SculpSure treatment, we encourage you to contact Aloha Laser Vision to schedule a consultation.

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