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Patient Experience Matt Miller

It’s changed my life in quite a few ways. As I said before, I’m a contractor so seeing things far away has improved dramatically. I just don’t need glasses any longer. I don’t wear my glasses. I don’t wear my contacts. It’s given me my life back if you will.... Read More

Hawaii Laser Lasik Surgery Patient Experience

ALAN FAULKNER: Not only is the IntraLase a more precise way to make a flap, it’s a safer way to make a flap. It also allows us to do patients who weren’t previously candidates for the LASIK surgery because their corneas were too thin. CYNTHIA HENKE: I had actually gone... Read More

Hawaii Lasik Surgery Allegretto® Wave Technology Patient Experience

DR. ALAN FAULKNER: One of the reasons we like the Allegretto is its incredibly fast speed. It’s the fastest laser in the U.S. It’s much more predictable, patients are much more comfortable and there are less complications with the procedure. NIKKO BARAQUIO: The surgery was actually very quick. My husband... Read More

All Laser LASIK Intralase® Surgery Laser Technology Honolulu Hawaii

MALE VOICE: LASIK. Most of us have heard of this unique vision correction surgery that has given millions of people freedom from glasses and contacts. But what you might not have heard of is the revolutionary technology from IntraLase, a new tool that now enables our surgeon to provide you... Read More

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Surgery Honolulu Hawaii

BERNADETTE BARAQUIO: You know some people are told that they’re not candidates for laser eye surgery and they continue to live with poor eyesight but now there’s a new technology that can bring new hope. It’s true many have been told they don’t qualify for LASIK surgery while hundreds of... Read More

Aloha Laser Vision Correction Patient Feedback Honolulu Hawaii

NIKKO BARAQUIO: I love being able to see.  It’s like a new world for me. SANDY NG: My eyes are perfect now. They’re not dry.  I don’t need to constantly be putting in eye drops. MATT MILLER: I just don’t need glasses any longer. CYNTHIA HENKE: You can actually look... Read More

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