EYE-Q System Offers Fastest LASIK Treatments in the Country

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In June of 2008, Aloha Laser Vision installed the newest and most advanced FDA-approved LASIK system in the United States. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q, made by WaveLight Inc., delivers the fastest laser vision correction treatment available. With the Eye-Q system, the average treatment time for correcting nearsightedness is between just 7 and 8 seconds. Very short treatment times have shown to reduce healing time while decreasing the risk of post-operative infections, over- corrections and under-corrections. In addition, patient comfort significantly increases as the need to focus during the procedure is significantly shortened.

”Our practice is devoted to providing our patients with the safest and most advanced technology available,“ said Dr. Faulkner. “With the Eye-Q, we can now perform laser treatments much faster than before, to achieve the best outcomes possible while ensuring the highest level of comfort for our patients.”

The Eye-Q is a next generation system featuring WaveLight’s proprietary PerfectPulse TechnologyTM to ensure maximum safety at high speed. PerfectPulse Technology was specifically developed to monitor and control each laser pulse that is delivered to the eye. The most important component of this technology is the high speed eye-tracking device which monitors eye movement 400 times per second.

Unlike older excimer lasers, which removes tissue in a central flat manner that creates an edge, Allegretto Wave’s Perfect Pulse technology uniformly applies pinpoints of laser pulses adjusted to each eye’s specific curvature. With this unique system, eye tissue is reshaped in a smooth, consistent manner that provides the very best vision result. Wavelight also uses a technology the company pioneered called wavefront. Wavefront measurements provide meticulously detailed information that can help address even obscure defects in the eye’s optical system known as higher order aberrations. This unique LASIK platform has been shown to preserve the natural shape of the cornea and prevent the induction of optical errors that could lead to night vision problems or loss of contrast sensitivity (the ability to see the images crisply).What does this new technology mean for patients treated with the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q? Rapid treatment speed has been shown to increase predictability and reduce the incidence of complications.“Superior vision following the LASIK procedure is dependent not only the surgeon’s experience but also on the technology used to deliver the treatment,” Dr. Faulkner added. “We offer our patients the highest level of safety and precision possible while achieving spectacular visual outcomes.”

If you have been waiting to have laser vision correction, wait no longer. Proven technology is here and now is the time to find out if you are a candidate. Call us today at 792-EYES (3937) and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Faulkner.

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