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shutterstock_25861381This week on LIVING LOCAL® TV we asked…

Color blindness is more common in:
a. Men
b. Women
c. Equally common for both men and women

It’s true that many more men than women are colorblind. About 8 percent of Caucasian men have red-green color deficiency, compared to .5 percent of women. Colorblindness is less common in African and Asian populations. Achromatopsia, complete colorblindness, affects one in 40,000 people. Red-green colorblindness is sex-linked recessive — it’s carried on the X chromosome. Men have an X and a Y chromosome, so if the X chromosome carries the gene mutation for colorblindness, he’s going to be colorblind. Women have two X’s, so they’d have to get two copies to make it happen.

Therefore, A is the correct answer!

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