Why Do We Have Two Eyes, But See One of Everything?

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TwoEyesThis week on LIVING LOCAL® TV we asked…

Why do we have two eyes, but see one of everything?

a. Both eyes see the same thing
b. It’s better than seeing double images
c. Two eyes are better than one
d. The muscles that control our eyes automatically focus both eyes on the same spot and the brain fuses the images

Two eyes provide us with stereo vision and depth perception. Our brain is able to put two images together and make them a single image. Having two eyes helps us figure out how far away something is. Our eyes need to focus, or point themselves in certain ways, differently in order to see things at different distances. To see something very far away, our eyes can pretty much point straight forward. To see things really close, our eyes will have to slightly turn toward each other. The different focuses help our brain figure out what is far away and what is really close.

Therefore, D is the correct answer!

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