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Adam and Jennifer have been together for over 12 years, and both were ready for some big life changes. Adam was preparing to join the Reserves and start his residency, while Jennifer was looking into LASIK surgery to get rid of her hard contact lenses.

Jennifer saw an online discount offer for LASIK at 50% off and was ready to book her surgery. But Adam, who had LASIK surgery with Dr. Alan Faulkner at ALOHA LASER VISION, encouraged her to choose a laser center based on trust, rather than price. Adam has been a part of the ALOHA LASER VISION Ohana since 2004, so he called us on her behalf, saying that he would rather have her come here where he felt at home with the entire staff. Jennifer listened to his advice and decided to have LASIK performed by Dr. Faulkner.

Adam was so excited about the life-changing experience Jennifer was about to experience, so he contacted us to see if we could assist him in popping the BIG QUESTION to his sweetheart!

Watch Adam Propose to Jennifer!

Our doctors, technicians, and counselors scrambled to prepare Jennifer for surgery during the pre-op visits without giving away the surprise that was to come. On the day after her LASIK procedure, Adam got down on his knee and made his proposal in writing, where Jennifer could SEE it with her own eyes, WITHOUT contacts or glasses!

I Love You
Will you
marry me?
Love, Adam

Not a dry eye in the room… to Adam and Jennifer… we wish you a beautiful future together from your OHANA at ALOHA LASER VISION

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