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AndresAndy loves celebrating happy occasions like weddings and baptisms at St. Augustine by the Sea Church in Waikiki.  He loves bringing joy to sad and painful occasions by serving as an On Call Chaplain with St. Francis Health Care Services.  Before having cataract surgery, he felt uneasy driving to cases at night because of difficulty with depth perception, starbursts, halos, and reading street signs.

Andy chose to correct his vision with the new LenSx procedure to achieve greater accuracy.  “The surgery was quick and unreal, and I noticed improved vision immediately.”  That same night, he received a 3:30am call from the hospice, and was amazed that he was able to drive in the dark with complete confidence and clarity.  “The world as I knew it is coming back nice and clear.  It is personally uplifting in spirit… giving me a more positive outlook in life.” Andy is excited to spend more time gardening with his wife, where the colors of the flowers are now more striking and vibrant with his NEW EYES!

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