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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right for Me?

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thinkinglasikIf you are considering LASIK corrective eye surgery, you must first attend a consultation so our refractive eye surgeon can determine if you are a good candidate. During this visit, a preliminary screening will be performed, which entails various measurements being taken, including pupil size and corneal thickness.

Before moving forward with your surgery, LASIK eye surgeon Alan Faulkner, MD will conduct a thorough eye examination. You will also have the chance to discuss your goals for the procedure, as well as learn about the benefits and potential risks. After assessing your needs, Dr. Faulkner will help you understand what you can expect from LASIK, as well as post-operative care. Our goal is for you to make an informed decision about your surgery and have realistic expectations of what you can achieve following your procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about the LASIK eye surgery procedure performed by our leading surgeon in Honolulu, Hawaii, please contact Aloha Laser Vision today and schedule a free, private consultation.

Free LASIK Consultation

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery, please note that we provide an initial vision screening and consultation free of charge at our facility in Honolulu, Hawaii. Designed to evaluate your refractive surgery and subsequent treatment needs, the vision screening and LASIK consultation takes about one hour. If you have already made your decision to have refractive surgery and are ready to schedule an appointment, the screening/consultation can be combined with the preliminary comprehensive exam.

Self Evaluation Test – Vision Questionnaire

Vision Screening before LASIK

Here are the steps involved in the screening process:

After your LASIK eye surgery screening, Dr. Faulkner will consult with you personally at our practice in Honolulu. First, he will briefly examine your eyes, and then they will discuss your test results. In order to determine your best options, he will ask about your lifestyle, hobbies, sports activities, and most importantly, your expectations and goals regarding refractive surgery. After this discussion, Dr. Faulkner will give you their opinion about what you can realistically expect to achieve, explain your treatment options, and answer any questions you may have.

For more information about LASIK eye surgery or to schedule a free vision screening and consultation, please contact Aloha Laser Vision in Honolulu, Hawaii today.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

eyeexamThe last step prior to scheduling any laser procedure, a comprehensive eye examination is necessary to ensure that your eyes are healthy and can undergo laser surgery with minimal risk. The exam also confirms the amount of refractive error –nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism – the procedure is intended to correct.

Before your comprehensive eye exam, stop wearing soft contact lenses for three days, toric lenses for one week, or hard or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses for at least three weeks. The shape of your corneas will stabilize during this time period.

The comprehensive eye exam takes about two hours. During the appointment, your exact refractive error will be determined and your muscle balance and eye pressure checked. Eye drops will then be administered to dilate your eyes and allow us to more thoroughly examine your lens, optic nerves, and retina, in addition to re-checking your refractive error. Re-checking confirms the accuracy of the pre-dilation measurements. Dilation will last several hours, making your vision blurry and your eyes sensitive to light. Sunglasses are recommended, and we will supply you with disposable tinted shields for your regular glasses.

To schedule a comprehensive eye exam, please contact Aloha Laser Vision today.

Post-operative LASIK Care

Immediately following your surgery, you can expect slightly blurred vision. It is normal to experience minor discomfort after your procedure, and we recommend you sleep for several hours after or rest with your eyes closed. Typically, patients are able to drive to their next-day checkup, returning to work after their appointment.

For the first week, you should wear protective eye shields, and you will be prescribed eye drops to use for five to seven days. It is important that during this time you avoid eye rubbing, as well as swimming or getting unsanitary water in your eyes. If you play contact sports, you will need to wear protective goggles for six months to a year.

“I am very pleased with my LASIK surgery at Aloha Laser Vision. The whole team did a fantastic job with answering my questions, concerns, education, pre-op/post-op care, true professionals!” – Rowena

To ensure your eyes are healing properly, you will need to return for follow-up visits after the first week, at one month, at three months, after six months, and at the one-year mark. During these appointments, Dr. Faulkner will perform visual acuity and other tests to monitor your progress.

Our team cannot stress enough the importance of following post-operative instructions and returning for your scheduled checkups. By taking proper care of your eyes, you can minimize your risk of complications. Should any problems occur, attending your follow-up appointments can allow for early detection and treatment.

How Do I Choose the Right Surgeon?

Choosing the right surgeon is a personal decision, but there are a few requirements you should insist on:

Once the surgeon’s skill and experience have been established, ask whether other non-surgical alternatives to LASIK are offered, or if LASIK is the surgeon’s only specialty. Are other ophthalmic procedures performed? Which laser is used and why? Is the laser updated regularly? Are routine follow-up visits included for a year following the procedure? Most importantly, however, is that the surgeon makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Dr. Alan Faulkner is committed to providing their patients with the highest quality vision treatments and procedures that serve to improve and optimize vision. To schedule a consultation, examination, or to find out more about LASIK eye surgery, please contact Aloha Laser Vision of Honolulu, Hawaii today.

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