The TECNIS® Symfony IOL is Now Available at Aloha Laser Vision

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We are pleased to announce that Aloha Laser Vision is now offering the TECNIS® Symfony IOL. The TECNIS® Symfony intraocular lens implant is significant in that it represents the next generation of advanced IOL technology. Recently FDA-approved to restore vision during cataract surgery, TECNIS® Symfony offers several advantages over both traditional monofocal and multifocal IOLs:

  • Reduction in incidents of halos and glare, which can be problematic with traditional multifocal lenses.
  • Clearer vision over an extended range of distances.
  • Vision correction for presbyopia.
  • Smooth transition between focal points at various distances.
  • Reduced reliance upon or complete independence from glasses.

TECNIS® Symfony is the only IOL to deliver “extended depth of focus,” which means it can provide continuous, high-quality vision at near, intermediate, and far distances. In clinical trials, an overwhelming 77% of patients who received the TECNIS® Symfony IOL achieved 20/25 vision at intermediate distance. Furthermore, patients have been pleased with their results and, in clinical studies, have reported a significant 97% satisfaction rate. If you are interested in finding out if the TECNIS® Symfony IOL is right for you, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our eye doctors.

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