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The ICL™, or implantable contact lens, has improved the vision of countless patients. An ICL™ is a type of removable phakic intraocular lens made of Collamer® which is placed between the iris and natural lens of the eye without the need for corneal tissue removal. It was created to ease nearsightedness (myopia). The ICL™ is widely considered a suitable alternative for patients with insufficient corneal tissue to qualify for LASIK surgery, as well as those who do not wish to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Since the release of the original ICL™, international manufacturer STAAR® Surgical has released two updated ICL™ treatments that can address an even larger range of concerns. The first, FDA-approved in 2018, was the Toric ICL™ (also called the TICL™), and the latest is the EVO ICL™, which was approved in 2022 as a replacement for the original Visian ICL™.

Colloquially known as the “EVO” lens, the EVO ICL™ holds key advantages over its predecessor. For example, unlike the original, the EVO Toric ICL™, a subtype of the EVO lens, can treat myopia with astigmatism. Also unlike the Visian ICL™, the EVO lens does not require the creation of micro-holes in the iris (a procedure known as a “preoperative peripheral iridotomy”). This generally makes the EVO process less invasive and time-consuming, with the procedure lasting around 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, the EVO lens has also been known to provide better night vision than the original lens was able to offer.

Candidates for the EVO lens include patients with moderate to severe myopia with or without astigmatism. Ideally, they should also have a stable prescription and be in relatively good ocular health, as glaucoma and other diseases could potentially compromise results.

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EVO ICL™ Now Available

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