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Honolulu Eye Surgeon First to Implant PanOptix® Trifocal IOL in Hawaii

Dr. Alan Faulkner of Aloha Laser Vision now offers the new PanOptix® Trifocal IOL as an option for cataract patients who desire high-quality vision at all distances with less reliance on glasses. Honolulu, HI - On September 3, 2019, leading Honolulu ophthalmologist Alan Faulkner, MD performed cataract surgery with the... Read More

Honolulu Ophthalmologist Implants First Visian® Toric ICL in Hawaii

Dr. Alan Faulkner of Aloha Laser Vision uses the FDA-approved Visian Toric ICL (TICL) to treat myopic astigmatism in patients who are not good candidates for laser vision correction surgery. Honolulu, HI - On December 17, 2018 Honolulu ophthalmologist and experienced eye surgeon Alan Faulkner, MD, performed the first surgical... Read More

Honolulu Eye Surgeon Answers Common Questions Patients Ask about LASIK

Dr. Alan Faulkner addresses prevalent patient concerns about LASIK vision correction, results, and safety in the Aloha Laser Vision blog. Honolulu, HI - Since it was FDA-approved in 1999, LASIK surgery has emerged as the preferred method of refractive vision correction among millions of satisfied patients in America. Honolulu eye... Read More

LASIK Surgeon in Honolulu One of the First in Hawaii to Offer Contoura Vision Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Alan Faulkner discusses the latest advancement in customized laser vision correction: topography-guided LASIK. Aloha Laser Vision is among the first practices in the nation to offer this innovative procedure. Honolulu, HI - The field of laser vision correction is continuously progressing and evolving, striving to offer patients more enhanced... Read More

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