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MALE VOICE: LASIK. Most of us have heard of this unique vision correction surgery that has given millions of people freedom from glasses and contacts. But what you might not have heard of is the revolutionary technology from IntraLase, a new tool that now enables our surgeon to provide you with even better vision, vision that is far more predictable with technology that is uniquely safe and precise. And since we are dedicated to providing you with the best vision possible, our office is now equipped with IntraLase. Better technology, better results, better vision.

Since the introduction of LASIK, the procedure has always involved two steps but until today has never been an all laser procedure. Traditionally a handheld mechanical device, essentially a surgical blade, was first used to create a think flap of tissue on the front of the cornea. In the second step, this flap was then folded back allowing surgeons to reshape the inner layer of the cornea using a laser beam. The flap was then returned to its original position. Complications of the procedure are rare but most of the complications that have occurred have been directly related to how precisely and how uniformly the initial flap was created.

Well exactly how does the IntraLase technology help us provide you with this uniquely safe, uniquely precise approach to predictably better vision? The difference today is that we use IntraLase’s advanced laser technology in the first step of the procedure rather than the traditional mechanical, hand held bladed device. The IntraLase technology provides a less invasive approach that uses a computer controlled laser rather than the handheld bladed device. This enables our surgeon to safely create a corneal flap of exact shape and thickness. The benefit to you, better vision and a new sense of assurance that comes from this unprecedented level of safety and precision. So if you’ve been considering laser vision correction surgery, your timing couldn’t be better. Better technology. Better results. Better vision. With IntraLase, we’re making every procedure better.

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