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Patient Experience Matt Miller

It’s changed my life in quite a few ways. As I said before, I’m a contractor so seeing things far away has improved dramatically. I just don’t need glasses any longer. I don’t wear my glasses. I don’t wear my contacts. It’s given me my life back if you will.... Read More

Hawaii Laser Lasik Surgery Patient Experience

ALAN FAULKNER: Not only is the IntraLase a more precise way to make a flap, it’s a safer way to make a flap. It also allows us to do patients who weren’t previously candidates for the LASIK surgery because their corneas were too thin. CYNTHIA HENKE: I had actually gone... Read More

Lasik Eye Surgery Honolulu Hawaii Patient Testimonials

GLORIA BARAQUIO: I can say goodbye to my contacts and say Aloha to Laser Vision. I’ve always been nervous about laser eye surgery but when my squinting sister, Rose, decided to give it a try we knew that the only place to go was to Aloha Laser Vision. ROSE BARAQUIO:... Read More

Night Vision After Laser Lasik Surgery Hawaii

DR. ALAN FAULKNER: I ask patients all the time exactly what they think about their night vision and the majority of patients now tell me that their night vision is as good as their day vision and often times say that their night vision is far better than it was... Read More

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